About us

Sound Designers´ Protective Organisation, citizen´s association (OAZA) was established in 2003 as a professional organisation, associating sound designers on voluntary basis. From the very beginning, OAZA concentrated on protection of this professional group´s rights, organised education on rights and obligations of sound designers, and established co-operation with other protective organisations in the Czech Republic. The most important task for OAZA was to prepare application to Czech Ministry of Culture on which basis the professional group of sound designers could be officially recognised as authors´ creative profession, and so to achieve accordance between legal and actual state of matters (the application amounted to 100 pages of expert text). This long term activity came to successful outcome at Municipal court in Prague in 2005, when the court acknowledged that sound designers created works of art, if they fulfilled requirements for author´s works stated by the law.

In consequence of the court´ decision, the Ministry of Culture granted OAZA with license to collectively manage rights of all persons who had economic copyright to sound designer´s works. The license was granted on 15th November 2006 under file No. 10145/2003.

By this decision of the Ministry of Culture it was recognised that the sound designers created, under fulfilment of requirements for author´s work under Copyright Act (Act No. 121/2000 Coll.), which means important landmark in history of this professional group. OAZA hereby joined recognised protective author´s organisations, active for a long period, such as OSA for the musicians, OOA-S for visual artists or DILIA for writers and directors. These organisations obtained license to manage copyright as so called collective copyright managers. OAZA obtained this license as the latest in 2006.

OAZA´s Board

Chairman of the Board Jína Robert
First Vice-Chairman Štěpánek Jiří
Second Vice-Chairman Babický Martin, Ing.
Member Krejčová Lucie
Member Šimáková Ivana

Supervisory Committee

Chairman Martínek Karel
Member Jouda Miroslav, Ing.
Member Vacek Pavel, Ing.

Committee for Copyright

Chairman Špalj Ivo, Ing.
Member Skall Vladimír, Mgr.
Member Halfar René, Mgr.
Member Jína Robert
Member Martínek Karel